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Who is KOSA?

The registered association KOSA (co-ordination for Southern Africa) is a nation-wide affiliation of presently 13 organizations and groups as well as 240 individuals involved in development policy, working locally but also across the country on Southern Africa. Since the end of August 2001, KOSA has also been the successor to the association "Afrika-Süd Aktionsbündnis" (AAB) [alliance for action on Southern Africa], the for-mer anti-apartheid movement. Since 1995, KOSA is  based at the registered association Welthaus Bielefeld where it carries out its coordination and office work.


Aims and Objectives

The aim of KOSA is to critically follow the multiple political relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU respectively and the countries of Southern Africa and, if possible, to exercise an influence on their future development in the interest of the disadvantaged people in Southern Africa. To this end, KOSA has set itself the following tasks:

bulletEncouragement of an intensive exchange of information between member groups by means of regular meetings and a circular letter
bulletInterchange with solidarity groups and organizations on a national and European level as well as co-ordination and planning of joint actions; interchange with partner organizations in Southern Africa
bulletManagement of a pool of resources
bulletEducational work and public relations through:
bulletjoint seminars and campaigns, visitor programs, publication of specialized literature and materials
bulletadvocacy work and lobbying

Anyone interested in the region of Southern Africa can become a member. There are various forms of membership:

bulletRegular membership: attendance of member meetings, subscription to the KOSA newsletter. The membership rate for institutions and associations is €180, for groups €120 and for individuals €60 per year.
bulletSupporting membership: subscription to KOSA newsletter. See above for rates. Subscription to newsletter only: €30


Recent Topics and Campaigns

Over the last years, KOSA has focused on the economic relations between the region of Southern Africa and the European Union. For two years now, KOSA has been actively involved in the "International Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaign in Southern Africa" as well as  topics like "water and privatisation" and HIV/AIDS are given priority. The present focus is on the planned "Economic Partnership Agreements" between the EU and ACP-Countries with special attention on implications on Southern African.


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