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ENIASA - European Network for Information and Action on Southern Africa

This European network on Southern Africa has existed since 1995, being the successor organization to the Liaison Group of the Anti-Apartheid Movements within the EU. The then German Anti-Apartheid Movement had been a member from the beginning and since 1998, a representative of KOSA has regularly participated in the meetings which take place two or three times a year. The network has member groups in all EU countries as well as in Switzerland, and in many countries their work is done by volunteers. This means that by far not all groups can take part in the meetings and ENIASA activities all the time due to financial reasons or non-availability. However, most members make an effort to organize in their respective countries a major international event within their possibilities, as with the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Financial support on behalf of the European Commission has certainly helped to strengthen the co-operation and to develop joint actions. Thus, activities as well as focal objectives of the member organizations in their countries are put forward and possibilities of collaboration are discussed. By now, frequent visits are made and talks held in several European countries in the course of round trips with guests from Southern Africa. During the negotiations between the EU and South Africa (trade agreement) as well as in view of the flood disaster in Mozambique, concerted mailings had been carried out in various European countries at the same time.

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