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World Cup 2010 in South Africa – Perspectives for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil
Seminar, Königswinter near Bonn, Germany, 23. till 24.09.2011

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Who is KOSA?

The registered German association KOSA (Koordination Südliches Afrika) is a nation-wide affiliation of organizations, groups and individuals involved in development policy, working locally but also across the country on Southern Africa. Since the end of August 2001, KOSA has also been the successor to the association "Afrika-Süd Aktionsbündnis" (AAB) [Alliance for action on Southern Africa], the former Anti-Apartheid movement in Germany. Since1995, KOSA has been based at the registered association Welthaus Bielefeld where it carries out its co-ordination and office work.

Over the last years, KOSA has focused on the economic relations between the region of Southern Africa and the European Union. For two years now, KOSA has been actively involved in the "International Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaign in Southern Africa" as well as  topics like "water and privatisation" and HIV/AIDS are given priority. The present focus is on the planned "Economic Partnership Agreements" between the EU and ACP-Countries with special attention on implications on Southern African.




Koordination Südliches Afrika

August-Bebel-Str. 62
33602 Bielefeld

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