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With our work we critically focus on the political and economical relationships between Germany, the European Union and the countries of Southern Africa. We aim at influencing decision making in order to enable the disadvantaged and often neglected majority of people in Southern Africa to benefit from these relationships.

During the last years KOSA concentrated on economic issues concerning Southern Africa. E.g. KOSA is part of the international "Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaign". Ensuring affordable access to water services is another topic as well as monitoring the implementation of the millennium development goals.

Currently the focus is on the planned "Economic Partnership Agreements" intend to replace former ACP-EU-Agreeements like Lomé or Cotonou with trade agreements hardly consisted of any development approach. We believe that fair trade between partners is only possible by carefully taking into account the different scales of development. Thus reciprocal approaches and exclusion / limitation of access of products from ACP-Countries to the EU urgently need to be reconsidered. Having intensively  worked and researched on the precursor of such agreements espc. on the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and South Africa we fear that achievements in the region of Southern Africa will be jeopardised if the current plans of the EU will become reality..


Economic and Trade Relationships


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Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaign (Link to German Website with further Links in English and German)



Access to Water and Privatisation



Millennium Development Goals in Southern Africa (German only)





"We will have time to reach the Millennium Development Goals ... but only if we break with business as usual."


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