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Gottfried Wellmer / KOSA e.V. (Publisher): Vulamanzi! Municipal Service Partnerships and the Poor. Situation Report. Bielefeld 2004.

A4 Format, 86 Seiten.




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1. The general Framework for Water Provision in South Africa

bulletThe ecological situation
bulletThe development of a new water policy in South Africa
bulletMunicipal reform and services
bulletA brief on socio-economic development in South Africa since 1994 and the public service sector
bulletSocial expenditure of the state


2. The Concession Contract between Nelspruit and BiWater

bulletThe political context
bulletCriteria for selecting a long-term concession contract
bulletCornerstones of the concession contract
bulletProfit rates Concession fees and monitoring
bulletSubsidisation of poor households
bulletTariff policy and choice of technology
bulletOpposition to the concession


3. The Problem of unpaid Water Bills

bulletCapital expenditures of the concessionaire
bullet'Culture of non-payment'?
bulletDigging into the pockets of a naked man?
bulletMunicipality amends the concession
bulletJoint actions for credit control
bulletRisks of the private concessionaire, the municipality and the consumer
bulletInterim evaluation


4. Public Private Partnership in Windhoek's domestic Wastewater Reclamation Plant

bulletWater shortage in Namibia and in Windhoek
bulletMigration from rural areas, urbanisation, unemployment and poverty
bulletWater policy, regulation, NamWater
bulletHi-tech centre of excellence - the wastewater reclamation plant
bulletThe affordability of municipal services
bulletInterim evaluation and summary

5. The Failure of partial privatisation in Potsdam

bulletPotsdam's run into debt and the partial sale of its water works
bulletWater consumption and tariff policy
bulletOn the social consistency of tariff policy, a first evaluation


6. Evaluation: Public Private Partnerships and the Elimination of Poverty

bulletLegal and contractual considerations
bulletThe financing of the infrastructure
bulletNorms and risks
bulletThe distrust of poor consumers and the art of communication




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